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How are customized ribbons produced with your logo?
Take a look this video


But then you wonder how they are printed?
So here’s another video of how lanyards are produced



This is only a small part of our production. We work with the major companies in the world and we are available for any AUDIT.
We recently certified some products for large distribution.
Do you like the articles you find on Collarini Lanyards? And we bet you wanted to understand how we make them?
We are transparent in everything even in showing you our guys at work.
In our extensive catalog you can find a wide range of items at discounted prices! There are something for all tastes.
You can find several novelties including key rings or beautiful neck badge holders but also the badge holder ribbon. Of course, all our keychain lanyards can be configured with different options and accessories including hooks or prints. Badge-holder ribbons are widely used items in large companies, these companies must monitor entry and exit so why not equip employees with rigid plastic badge holders and possibly also customized ones. We can also pack the 500-piece keychains in eccentric packages, ask us for all the possible options. The lace or collar has different printing versions, including screen printing or sublimation or the innovative 3D printing. The tapes have a personalization that is the anti-shattering hook why not equip them? You can also use the pass belt to go to the gym, why not? The customizable lanyards is an excellent promotional item because naturally the lanyards are in great demand on the market also in Rome and Milan, especially for the low prices we offer. Always look for the best price for laces!