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Frequently asked questions and answers

Does the customization have an additional cost?
ZERO installation and printing costs for personalization with your logo regardless of the number of colors!
Transportation costs?
NO delivery costs
Are the prices ivate?
All prices are VAT. excluded.
How long does it take for delivery?
For items from the moment of the order they are delivered in about 18 working days from the approval of the print draft and order confirmation.
Is it possible to have a sample?
we are aware of the fact that a purchase involves the need to evaluate the characteristics of the product, we offer the possibility of requesting the supply of even a single sample. Samples will be sent after you have sent the order form to be printed, filled in and sent in the manner described therein, to which we will respond by confirming the availability of the item and delivery times.
How can I place an order?
To place an order you will be sent a formal offer from us which summarizes the costs, items, quantities and customization features required. This offer must be stamped and / or signed, scanned and sent via pdf complete with all the data necessary for sending the goods and invoicing.
How are payments made?
Payments must be made by bank transfer in advance. No other forms of payment will be accepted unless expressly authorized.

And what else?

We are at your disposal to create beautiful products, our customer care office is at your disposal to create customized lanyards, laces, satin ribbons, but also umbrellas and sports bags.
Contact us for information.