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The Code of Conduct of Collarini Lanyards

Protection of the Environment
We respect the laws and environmental laws in force in the countries of origin.

Healthy and protected workplace
We take care that the workplace and, where necessary, housing are safe and protected to prevent any accident and damage to the health of workers.

No child labour
In the productions of our items, workers under the age of 15 years (or 14 years according to regulations in the region of origin) or who have not yet completed the compulsory education are not employed.

Freedom of association
We respect and recognize the right of association and collective bargaining.

Wages recognized by regulations
We make sure that workers engaged in the production of our items are paid according to the legal minimum wage or the national contract of the sector they belong to, and that the contributions provided by law are recognized to them.

Human rights
Every employee is treated with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any form of abuse or harassment, sexual, psychological or verbal.

Compliance with laws on working time
Compliance with laws on working time We respect the legal limits in working hours. The working time is set at a maximum of 60 hours per week (including overtime) and in any case in compliance with the regulations in the country of origin. Workers are granted a day off every seven.

No forced labour
Employees are not prisoners or sentenced to forced labour.

No discrimination
No worker is subjected to discrimination regarding race, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical limitations, nationality, political opinion and ethnicity.

Respect for workers in pregnancy
The women workers are not required to declare their eventual pregnancy and are not obliged to present the relevant tests. We comply with all international laws and regulations regarding pregnant workers including the breaks and the provision of adequate seating.

Collarini & Lanyards is aware that we are all responsible for our planet and also for the human population, regardless of race, ideology and political thought. This code of ethics is respected by us daily through the compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations concerning the protection of our environment, and the respect for people.
We wanted to transcribe in these few lines, so that everyone can share it and understand that we are a company that looks to the future. We try to do our best by making regular visits to the factory, in order to verify that the production site corresponds to the European quality standards and we operate properly so that the supplier makes the considerable efforts for the environmental control, from the water analysis to air emissions, in the respect of water resources and any possibility of recycling and reuse of waste materials or raw materials.
When we find a valid manufacturer, one of the primary requirements for work with us is the obligation to sign the compliance with laws and regulations concerning relations with the workers and the respect of the people.