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About Us

Collarini & Lanyards is a company that designs and manufactures promotional items.

We specialize in non standard promotional items, we have been since several years in the market.
The headquarters includes the sales office, graphic departments and a warehouse to store materials and to treat the logistical needs of customers.
We are here to give you what you have in mind and maybe you cannot achieve on your own.
We offer a real support to your communication needs.
Collarini & Lanyards was founded in 2009 as a creative company.
For 2018 we are evolving in order to anticipate the new needs that customers will ask us, constantly changing. This makes our efforts necessary and very important in order to give you a good product.
The production of personalized lanyards or lanyards without missing satin ribbons, all completed with pass holders for both airports and classic ministerial card holders
Contact us for all the information you are looking for, our office is at your disposal, even if only to understand the materials and production times.


Italian Ideas – Made in Europe – Made in China

Headquarters Brand Republic
Via Ca Gamba, 15

Europe Production:
Industrial estate, Bulebel

China Production:
Industrial estate